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About Raya's Granites

In 1992, we established our first factory unit in Andhra Pradesh. To mine the best quality Kadappah stones from 45-145 feet underground. While Kadappah stones might look unassuming to the layman’s eyes, there are 105 different varieties of them. Each differing in layers, density, color, and composition, with unique qualities that will best suit your needs. Our experienced personnel, well-versed in the many types of Kadappa stones since the 1960s, can help you make the right choice for your dream project. Be it 4-6 inch thick stones for boundary walls and stairs or much thinner ones between 20 mm and 25 mm thickness. Natural stone is durable, unique, and the best choice for your health. And true to our heritage, we only offer the best quality, chemical-free natural stones that stand the test of time.

Our History

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